Global design for a brand of natural soaps, made in France and intended for Chinese consumers. The Ecrin de Fleur soaps are made from natural ingredients and respect the environment, presenting various benefits for the skin.

Creation of the brand name, from its identity and graphic universe to the design of its packaging.
Creation of a strong and spiritual symbol to represent the brand: the flower of life, recognized universally and that can be found in many temples in China. This flower emits a harmonious and beneficial wave: a symbolic rosette of the elements of nature.

Reflecting the natural state of mind of the brand, it is an identity that underlines a link between well-being of the body and the mind and reveals the properties of its soaps: the soaps of the brand regenerate, rebalance, harmonize, energize and protect from external aggressions.

The packaging reinforces the brand’s spirit, and underlines a double meaning:
- A refined aspect, echoing the quality and purity of the ingredients, representative of the spiritual values of Ecrin de Fleur.
- The importance of nature, with a herbalist design illustrating the perfume of each soap. Work on a colour range consistent with the soaps' perfume while creating a beautiful harmony range.

The naming of the brand was chosen to reflect the intrinsic qualities of the products. The flower of life (fleur) as a symbolic and inseparable symbol of the brand's visual identity, and the jewel case (écrin) to emphasize the precious qualities of its products: a ritual of care that contains many benefits for the body and the mind.

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