The idea of this box set was to reach the new middle class of 200 million young Chinese consumers and provide them with surprise and innovation with our French touch.

A targeted communication strategy with the support of the Alibaba group to optimize traffic and attract the young Chinese generation. T-Mall and Bonjour Brand, commissioned the agency to create box sets for the moon festival. The agency has gone against new borders by collaborating on new products co-created by France and China.

Celebrated in mid-autumn, the Moon Festival is one of China's most important celebrations. Symbol of unity and gathering, it is also on this occasion that the moon cakes are offered. It was important in the design of the box set that it could be worn both during a parade organized by T-mall and by the consumer once the cakes had been tasted. This is why we have decided to give a new dimension to this traditional celebration by creating a box set that is modern, chic and luxurious.

To highlight this festive day, we have made the moon our muse to carry our box set. It is wire-shaped, lightweight and rigid at the same time, its golden metal design reveals the strong identity of this creation before revealing its content in an unexpected way. Inspired by the greatest Parisian Haute Couture fashion shows, this box set can be worn at arm's length to give its owner a determined and modern look. The leather finish contrasts with the modern graphics of the box set and offers it the attributes of a "luxury" accessory, targeting a young audience.


Packaging design



The quintessence of Chardonnay, the emblematic grape variety of the Maison D'AYALA

Great aromatic freshness, silky texture and pure line: the codes of the AYALA Champagne style are perfectly embodied by the new identity of the House's emblematic cuvée, LE BLANC DE BLANCS 2012, both in terms of its organoleptic characteristics and its packaging.

LE BLANC DE BLANCS 2012, a cuvée that is part of the AYALA Champagnes range, stands out for its new appearance:

A transparent bottle with a shape exclusive to the House, a round label design improving the readability and visibility of the bottles, as well as a new case with an innovative design. A new branded block exclusive to this cuvée has been specially created to strengthen the identity of this emblematic reference in the range.

Declination of this identity on other communication media

Assignements :
Graphic identity of the cuvée
Creation of the packaging
Declination of the identity on a communication support (mood photos, press announcement, press kit, product sheets)



Faithful to its pioneering spirit, Mumm reinvents its iconic bottle through an avant-garde design. The Mumm Grand Cordon bottle thus enhances the Pinot Noir, the House's emblematic grape variety.

The objective of this box set intended for the press and companies was to sublimate and make the bottle design easily identifiable by respecting the brand's DNA.

Creation of a sober packaging in the codes of luxury, the red ribbon embedded in the bottle of the Grand Cordon vintage can be seen through a window dug on the front of the closed box. It opens like a drawer to reveal, on a red background, the emblematic champagne of the Mumm House, which remains attached to the motto of its founder George Hermann Mumm: "Only the best".

Printing on soft touch matt black paper, embossing, hot foil stamping.

Inside the red packaging on gold polyester paper to give depth to the red.

Assignments :
Packaging design
Graphic design
Production monitoring



The SPC Korean group is an entity which mainly operates in the food industry, notably in the bakery and confectionary sectors, and holds the Paris Baguette, Paris Croissant and Shany brands.
It entrusted us with the global design of their most premium brand, which counts more than 20 shops in Asia and worldwide: Paris Croissant.
Our mission relied on bringing our premium French touch in all communication mediums.

Creation of a new identity for the Paris Croissant brand:
Paris being the French capital of bakery and pastry, we drew our inspiration from the ancient Parisian bakeries’ style, to conceive the new Paris Croissant identity.
The typography has been refined through two approaches: tradition and modernity.
The wheat symbol is included to reinforce the brand’s universe. It has been graphically designed in several ways, including a pattern, which can be used either in print communication or in space design. The different versions of the logotype have been conceived for each communication medium to create a strong and coherent visual identity.

Creation of a new packaging identity:
Our concept: the French art de vivre. French people share a way of life inherited from their culture. They appreciate wandering, looking at historical monuments, having coffee, going shopping…
Going to Paris Croissant means stepping into French culture. It is about taking the time to taste a good pastry in a decor that is built to immerse you in the heart of the French capital. It implies engaging oneself in tourism and discovering the city through the packaging specifically conceived to match with the brand’s universe.
We declined this new packaging and merchandising concept for the Christmas and Valentine’s Day festivities, selecting the most accurate monuments for each theme.
To establish coherence between the new brand image and the boutiques, SPC also entitled us with the decor of a flagship boutique in the French neighbourhood of Seoul: Seorae.

Branding strategy
Brand identity
Packaging design
Communication supports
Boutique design